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history ....is the memory of a nation.just as memory enables the individual to learn,to choose goals and to stick to them,to avoid making the same mistake twice-in short,to grow-so history is the means by which a nation establishes it's sense of identity and purpose.the future arises out of the past,and a country's history is a statement of the values and hopes which,having forged what has gone before,will now forecast what is to come.(JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY)

Time is important in your life.the passing of days and years affects you in many ways.think back a year.do you have the same teachers you had a year ago?do you have new friends?are you taller?what important things have happened to you over the past year?

Time is also important to your understanding of hystory.hystory is a record of change over a period of time.the things that happened in your life during the past year are a part of your history.


Manu scientists believe that human life on earth probably began about two millio years ago.from the beginning,time has been a mystery to all who try to understand it.people see time passing,by the rising and setting of the sun.they see paterns of movement in the stars and planets that show time passing.people see the time passing as they watch the seasons change from winter to spring.everyone sees and experiences the passing of time,but few people can define it.

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